Obama Challenges Trump On His Wine Business: 'I Want To Know What That Wine Tastes Like'

A mis-steak like stretching the truth about your business success is nothing to "wine" about, but it sure is easy to make fun of.

Last week, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump made headlines (again) for boasting about the success of his wine, bottled water, and steak businesses at a victory rally, most of which were defunct or not actually associated with him. Now the president is challenging Trump's version of the truth and openly mocked the controversial candidate at a recent Democratic Party fundraiser.   

"Has anybody bought that wine? I want to know what that wine tastes like," Obama said, laughing, at the fundraiser on Saturday. "I mean, come on. You know that's like some $5 wine. They slap a label on it. They charge you $50 and say it's the greatest wine ever."

Donald Trump is not actually associated with Trump Wine; his son Eric owns and operates the company. Obama was using the recent Trump wine gaff to prove a larger point: That he believes the GOP are officially out of ideas and viable candidates.

The president then went on to skewer Trump Steaks, which have not actually been on the market in years.

"Imagine what Trump would say if he actually had a record like this. Instead of selling steaks," Obama said. "Instead, we've got a debate inside the other party that is fantasy and schoolyard taunts and selling stuff like it's the Home Shopping Network."

Ouch. Your serve, Trump.