Now You Can Buy Diamond Avocado Jewelry

Delicacies Jewelry is selling jewelry inspired by the preferred stone fruit of millennials

Unfortunately, these necklaces are not made from real avocado.

Do you know anyone who’s obsessed with avocados? Let’s face it — we all are. Andrew Zimmern’s Delicacies Jewelry — the same company that has allowed you to look chic while wearing a gold pineapple necklace — is finally coming out with avocado-inspired necklaces and pendants.

The avocado necklace — which comes in gold or silver — comes with a diamond pit in the middle, so you can feel extra fancy while celebrating the ingredient that has made brunch great again. The 14 karat gold pendant will cost you $1,100, while the sterling silver version is just $60.

Other ingredients featured on Delicacies Jewelry’s website include precious metal renderings of basil, chile pepper, garlic, corn, artichoke, and an egg — which, we imagine, must simply be a gold necklace with an oval-shaped pendant.

“I love the idea of ingredients as pretty, wearable tokens that bring us home, in an instant, wherever we need to be,” Delicacies’ mission statement says. “[It’s] about finding your center, with food as your guide.”


You can buy them for yourself here.