A New Contestant on The Bachelor Is a Professional Chicken Enthusiast and We’re Confused

Ben Higgins is the new Bachelor and his latest crop of ladies includes a cowgirl and a chicken enthusiast
Introducing this lovely, BAWK-chelorette.

ABC/Wikimedia Commons

Introducing this lovely, BAWK-chelorette.

If you’re a fan of guilty-pleasure reality TV shows, then you know that the women who compete on The Bachelor have an array of unusual talents and personalities, but this one just might take the cake. The list of women who are vying for eligible dreamboat Ben Higgins’ heart includes a chicken enthusiast this year.To be fair, in past years, dog lover has passed for an occupation, and this year, a cowgirl is also on the list of the unnaturally white-teethed female contestants.

But we had to ask ourselves, what is a chicken enthusiast? What exactly does Tiara, 26, from Redmond, Washington do for a living?

Chicken enthusiasts, according to the numerous online communities that espouse  the poultry lifestyle, are people (usually in urban communities), who raise chickens in their backyards.  These people usually are not farmers, but rather keep chickens to enjoy fresh eggs and eventually, hand-raised, ethical meat.

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The Bachelor Season 20 will premiere on ABC January 4th.