A New ‘Breaking Bad’ Bar in London Lets You Don Gas Masks and ‘Cook’ Your Own Cocktails

A ‘Breaking Bad’-themed pop-up bar is set to open in London in July, where mixologists will help guests cook cocktails

Cook your own cocktails: no meth involved.

Walt and Jesse are back, and this time they’ve brought booze. A Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar called ABQ (named after Albuquerque, where the show takes place) is opening in London this July.  In the spirit of the hit TV drama, which just wrapped up this past year, the bar will mimic the meth lab in Breaking Bad, with gas masks, smoke, and equipment for mixing cocktails (no drugs, folks. Sorry.) Mixologists will be on hand to help guests “cook” their own cocktails, according to the London Evening Standard.

The pop-up bar is brought to you by the same people who came up with the owl bar concept: a café where you can eat and drink in the company of feathered hooters. The bar was shut down before it opened, following outrage from animal rights activists who complained that the concept was “cruel.”


Thankfully, no animals will be harmed in the making of the Breaking Bad bar. Tickets cost £30 ($47 USD) for admission and two cocktails. Only 22 guests will be allowed per night, but given that 15,000 people have already signed up, we’re hoping they will extend the pop-up a bit (or bring it across the pond).