Mighty Quinn's BBQ, Bareburger, And More Debut At Yankee Stadium

"Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack..." On second thought, there are way more nuanced and tasty items for sale this at the ballgame this spring that we're itching to try. Yankee Stadium has unveiled its new food and drink options for the 2017 pinstripes season, including new vendors Ben & Jerry's, Bareburger, Mighty Quinn's BBQ, and Jersey Mike's.

Some of the culinary highlights include pulled fresh mozzarella sandwiches available at the Masterpass Batter's Eye Deck out by the bleachers; a meatloaf burger from Lobel's; a giant, Flintstones-like Brontosaurus Rib and brisket sandwich at Mighty Quinn's; bison and vegan burgers at Bareburger; and Philly Cheesesteaks from Jersey Mike's, available at three locations around the stadium.

Coupled with the eight flavors available at two new Ben & Jerry's scoop shops in sections 125 and 318 (including the new Fruit Loot and Frozen Flakes flavors!), we'll definitely be using the seventh-inning stretch to run around the block a few times.

Our "homerun award" goes to Mighty Quinn's for the tastiest fare, especially for carnivores. If you don't mind spicy foods, their chicken wings tossed in chili lime sauce pack more heat than a Masahiro Tanaka fastball.