'Master Chef Junior' Finalist, 9, Hunts Her Own Food... Including Alligators!

If you've been watching this season of MasterChef Junior, which just commenced in a finale between two talented young ladies last week, you're probably feeling self-conscious about your own cooking skills being outmatched by two fourth graders. Although Addison Osta Smith, 9, the girl with the backwards baseball cap and a positive attitude won Season 4, Avery Kyle's second place standing is nothing to shake a spatula at. Fox News caught up with Kyle, 9, who calls Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her hometown and has been known to hunt alligator.

"My first time hunting a gator, I shot him but then I felt really bad for some reason," she told Fox411. "I just sort of tricked him and I felt really bad."

She's also an experienced angler and is adept at setting up crawfish nets. Plus, she's not afraid to cook alligator after she hunts it down, although the meat can be tricky to work with, she says.

"If you overcook it, it can be really rubbery and chewy," Kyle said. "You have to cook it really well to have it taste good."

Avery began cooking at age five, learning the trade from her parents. Now, her dad admits he and his wife are her sous chefs who "clean up after her" while she experiments with fresh-caught gator, crawfish, and other Southern delicacies. Despite her culinary talents, Avery aspires to be an actress and a lawyer when she's older.