Martha Stewart Flouts ‘No-Pictures’ Rule at Clinton Fundraiser

Hillary Clinton’s $33,000 per head fundraiser drew lots of famous faces, including Martha Stewart, who likes to break rules

Martha Stewart can’t help but be the total boss… even in the presence of the first female presidential nominee.

Hillary Clinton’s fundraisers are as famous for their lavishness as they are for their draw to the A-list celebrity community. One of the more well-known attendees of her latest presidential fundraiser — a $33,000-a-head dinner in New York’s West Village — was Martha Stewart.Although Clinton’s politics were supposed to be the main event, the most famous hostess in America stole the show with her refusal to follow the rules.

During the event, hosted by Harvey Weinstein, and attended by Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Leonardo DiCaprio, there was a strict rule: No taking photos or posting to social media about the event, presumably to keep the press from swarming. But not Martha.

“It was like ‘No rules for Martha,’” an anonymous source told The New York Post. “She was up in Hillary’s face—not only with an iPhone, but with like a Canon camera.”


Stewart, disappointingly, did not post any of her pictures online.