Mario Batali May Have Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

In a tweet, chef Mario Batali praised Clinton, seemingly confirming that he will be voting for her this election

Will chef Batali’s endorsement have any influence on Food Network fans?

Chef Mario Batali, Food Network personality, Crocs-wearing culinary icon, and Daily Meal Council member, has dipped his toe into the celebrity endorsement pool.While A- and B-list endorsements come slowly pouring in for (mostly) Democratic candidates, the redheaded chef seemingly picked Hillary Clinton as his ideal candidate on Twitter yesterday.

First, Batali retweeted a photo that jokingly declared Hillary Clinton to be the clear winner of the GOP debate this week. Then in response to a fan who tweeted in response, “Really? Hillary is ready to be president? What has she ever done to qualify?” he said, “Well, she was Secretary of State, knows the players and the field, and is a woman. It’s time for a change!!”

It should also be known that Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea has credited Mario Batali as a “huge influence” in her life. Why? Her first date with her now-husband was at Batali’s West Village restaurant, Babbo.


Batali is not the only food personality who likes Clinton. Top Chef’s  Padma Lakshmi recently tweeted, “We can do it!” image. “Oh yes, it will finally happen. #Hillary2016.”