Mario Batali Admits That He Ordered a Lifetime Supply of Crocs

Batali revealed on the Rachael Ray Show that he ordered hundreds of Crocs when he found out orange was being discontinued

Batali’s image would be a load of croc without his famous orange duds.

Chef Mario Batali is as well known for his vast culinary empire as he is for his iconic image: vests, shorts, and bright orange Crocs.The redheaded TV personality admitted recently on the Rachael Ray Show that when he found out his brightly colored footwear of choice was going to be discontinued in that particular orange color, he bought a lifetime supply.

“Crocs and I had a long relationship, and they decided to discontinue this particular color — the one that has the light, refreshing airy holes,” Batali explained.  “But we asked, before they finished the run, for what we perceived to be a lifetime supply.”

So, what’s a lifetime supply, you might ask? Apparently about 200 pairs, which should last the boisterous chef well into retirement.


Crocs actually sells a shoe modeled after the pair made popular by the chef, called the “Bistro Mario Batali Edition,” but these shoes don’t pass muster for Batali since they don’t have the small holes he prefers. You can buy a pair yourself for $44.99 here.