Marilyn Manson Reportedly ‘Grand Slammed in the Face’ at Denny’s

In Canada, no less

Apparently, Manson insulted someone’s girlfriend, and that didn’t go over well. 

Controversial rock musician Marilyn Manson (born Brian Warner) was reportedly punched in the face during a visit to Denny’s this weekend, which Manson patronized after performing a concert in Alberta, Canada.

Or, in the enviable words of TMZ, “Marilyn Manson Grand Slammed in the Face at Denny’s.”

Sources told TMZ that Manson was in a Denny’s restaurant around 2 a.m. when he somehow became involved in an argument with guests at another table. Sometime during the fight, Manson insulted someone’s girlfriend, whereupon he was promptly punched in the face, or “grand slammed,” if you will.

Police confirm that there was indeed a “disturbance” at Denny’s, but have not filed charges.


It’s truly a shame that Manson didn’t get to show his gentler side. He was recently profiled in The New York Times (“A Dark Prince Steps Into the Light”), where the musician spoke lovingly of his cat, Lily White, and was seemingly content to be described as “a bit of a homebody.”