Man Covers Himself in Mentos, Submerges Himself in Bathtub Filled with Coca-Cola

Admit it, you’ve thought about doing this before

Some questions will never be answered, but some only require the right researcher. 

In the kind of science experiment that probably makes parents strongly consider the benefits of a leash or a 24/7 security detail, an innovative young man took it upon himself to see what happens when you strap rows of Mentos to your body and climb into a bathtub of Coke Zero.

You know, as one does.

For the uninitiated, the explosive reaction that happens when you drop a single Mentos into a bottle of Coke — or better yet, when you do this without telling someone and then hand him or her what he or she believes to be an unopened bottle of Coke — is worth Googling.

And it seems reasonable to assume that the adventurer is not the first person to wonder what would happen to one’s body during that reaction, but he is, perhaps, the first to film himself finding out.

You can watch the video footage of this man’s “DIY Jacuzzi” below. He seems pretty pleased with himself. 

Note of warning: Although this video does not contain any nudity, it will look very strange to anyone walking past your desk.