As ‘Mad Men’ Ends, Coca-Cola’s Iconic ‘I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke’ Is Don Draper’s Legacy

Remember when Don Draper said he was ‘retired’ from advertising?
As ‘Mad Men’ Ends, Coca-Cola’s Iconic ‘I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke’ Is Don Draper’s Legacy

No matter where he goes, Don can’t escape his talents. 

After seven seasons, Matthew Weiner and his staff wrapped up Mad Men with yet another great legacy for Don Draper, the series’ protagonist who many thought would have a much darker goodbye. 

Draper, who spent the entire run of the show lying about his past, disappointing his family, and escaping consequences, will start the ‘70s unencumbered by his old life.

Don says goodbye to Betty, his cancer-stricken first wife, and she even absolves him of the primary care of his own children, telling him that they will live with her brother after she is gone.

Alone again, Don visits Stephanie in Los Angeles, winds up on some kind of hippie retreat, and discovers that he really, really likes it. He takes part in a hilltop yoga class, when suddenly he’s filled with inner peace at the prospect of his next invention: Coca-Cola’s incredibly iconic commercial, “I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke.”

As always, for Don, the answer isn’t that far away. Don Draper tries meditating for the first time, reaches nirvana, and figures out how to make millions. As soon as he gets off that hill, Don is officially back in advertising.

In case you were wondering, it didn’t actually happen that way for Bill Backer, the man who really came up with the ad.

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