Lorde Loves Cadbury Crème Eggs So Much She Sang About Them

The singer says that the candy is her go-to snack

The New Zealand singer and songwriter’s “Green Lights” music video debuted on YouTube in March.

Cadbury chocolate might shrink because of the Brexit, but that doesn’t stop pop singer Lorde from loving the brand’s Crème Eggs any less. This week, the singer announced that she loves to indulge in the candy and even remixed one of her songs to commemorate them.

Lorde was BBC's The Radio 1 Breakfast Show when she told host Nick “Grimmy” Grimshaw that she was excited to come to the U.K. to eat Crème Eggs because she doesn’t think the chocolate in America is as good.

Grimmy presented the pop singer with lyrics and together sang a remixed version of Lorde’s hit song “Green Lights” filled with Cadbury Crème Egg references.


If you love Crème Eggs just as much as Lorde, you’re in luck — with Easter around the corner, you have plenty of options to choose from, including the Cadbury Oreo Eggs and even a peanut butter version from Reese’s.