Lindt Is the Official Chocolate Confectionary of the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards

Lindt Master Chocolatier, Dimo Simatos, is creating a chocolate replica of a Golden Globe Award

Lindt will offer a variety of onsite experiences at the Golden Globes Lounge, during the awards, and at the after party.

Yesterday, Lindt announced its partnership with the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards as the Official Chocolate Confectionary. As Official Chocolate Confectionary, Lindt will create “premium chocolate moments” for both attendees and viewers at home. During the event itself, Lindt will create a variety of onsite experiences at the Golden Lounge, during the awards, and at The Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes After Party.

Lindt Master Chocolatier, Dimo Simatos, is creating a show-stopping chocolate replica of a Golden Globe Award designed exclusively for the Golden Globe Awards. According to People, the 25-pound replica requires 120 bars of dark chocolate and roughly 14 hours to make, as well as a detailed understanding of how chocolate melts and an expert hand to carve the details of the chocolate sculpture.

Simatos tells People, “To begin creating the actual sculpture, I will melt Lindt chocolate and then cool correctly… Tempering will allow me to take the liquid chocolate and pour it into various molds. Upon cooling, the mold will release the chocolate and provide the desired shape for the sculpture. I will then use various polycarbonate and metal chocolate molds, such as spheres, rings and cones to create the defined structure of the award.” The finished sculpture will be finished with edible gold and stand at two feet tall.

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Golden Globes guests will be served handcrafted European-style pralines, and each place setting will feature a limited-edition gift box of Lindt chocolates specially designed for the event. Thomas Linemayr, president and CEO at Lindt USA, says, “Lindt is thrilled to partner with the Golden Globes for the first time and celebrate alongside attendees with the highest quality, best tasting chocolate. As a leader in premium chocolate, we are honored to bring the Lindt experience to the best in the entertainment industry, as well as to chocolate lovers at home.”