This is the feast of purple’s reign.

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The Late, Great Prince’s Taste in Food Was Just as Strange as You Might Expect

Prince, according to those close to him was a collector of mustard, and was obsessed with the ‘90s snack, Dunkaroos

The world was in shock yesterday when multi-platinum, groundbreaking musical artist Prince died at the age of 57. Of course, the Grammy-award winning musician was mostly known for his ‘80s pop hits like “Purple Rain” and “Party Like it’s 1999,” but to those close to him, Prince was also known for his eccentric taste in food.

According to Page Six, the megastar was a devout vegan, mustard connoisseur, and kept a five-pound supply of Dunkaroos in his home. His favorite dish was supposedly spaghetti and orange juice, and he was obsessed with real Vermont maple syrup, which he always kept on hand.

“Don’t know what 2 say about Dunkaroos. They’re just good,” Prince once said on a 2011 episode of “What’s In Your Fridge.” “Sometimes you want a food that is comfortable and takes you back. For me, it’s those little kangaroo crackers.”

He had an affinity for pancakes (topped, of course, with his authentic maple syrup), and kept at least 18 types of mustard from around the world in his house at all times. His favorite mustard was, of course, the purple raspberry kind. 

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