The Killers Found Their Lyrics in a Panda Express Fortune Cookie and Are Demanding Free Food

The band The Killers found the lyrics to their song, ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ in a fortune cookie and are trolling the chain har

“Troll them like you mean it.”

The Chinese-flavored fast-food chain Panda Express found itself in a bizarre Twitter standoff after the rock band The Killers discovered lyrics from their song, “Smile Like You Mean It,” off their 2004 album Hot Fuss, in a fortune cookie served by the chain. Now The Killers are demanding “free orange chicken for life” after the copyright faux pas, which can be best described in parody lyrics:

"Well somebody told me that you had a fortune, that looked like a ditty, that we wrote in February of '04, lawsuit’s got potential, we might go mental.”


There’s no word yet on if Panda Express will follow through on this vague promise of actually providing all that free orange chicken, but the original photo of the fortune has been edited to showcase other popular early ‘00s lyrics: