Kevin Bacon Loses Charity Ice Cream Eating Contest to Little Boy

Kevin Bacon and one lucky kid gorged on ice cream to raise money for Give Kids the World Village charity


Six degrees of Kevin Bacon charity.

Kevin Bacon recently challenged a little kid to an ice cream eating challenge, all in the name of charity. Bacon lost gracefully, but really everyone won: Ethan, a 7-year-old Florida resident, got to eat all the ice cream he wanted, and he raised money for the Give Kids the World Village charity, a nonprofit resort in Florida for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

“For the next six seconds, we are going to battle it out,” Bacon said during the broadcasted segment of the ice cream eating contest. “The winner gets bragging rights; the loser gets to give six bucks to Give Kids the World.”

This a reference to the popular Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon parlor game, which Bacon has turned into his own charity. While Bacon used a spoon to scoop up the contents of his bowl of ice cream, his opponent Ethan, one of the patients at the Give Kids the World Village, dug in head-first.


“Here's your winner,” Bacon said after he lost. “I never had a chance. I got mashed by a 7-year-old in an ice cream challenge that I hope will raise lots of awareness and funds for such a great cause."