“She’s my cherry pie, cold drink of water, what’s this sweet surprise?”


Katy Perry Teases New Music Hidden in Cherry Pie Recipe

Katy Perry sent a copy of ‘the world’s best cherry pie’ recipe in a newsletter and fans think it points to a new song

California girls, they’re so mysterious… Katy Perry just teased her fans by sending a newsletter email blast with a recipe for the “World’s Best Cherry Pie.”

But even though this seems to be an actual pie recipe, savvy fans will note that her cryptic caption — “Bake me a pie and you may get a surprise” —alludes to some delicious new music coming soon from the pop songstress.

With lines like “This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth boy” and “Calm those hungry eyes,” this certainly sounds more like song lyrics than a simple cherry pie recipe. Either that, or Katy Perry is extra excited for the return of Twin Peaks. (We wonder how this recipe would stand up to the Damn Fine Cherry Pie?)

In response, fans are baking pies for Perry so that she unveils her secrets:

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Perry promised her hardworking baker fans that there’s a “surprise in the mail” for those who took the time to follow the instructions.