Kate Middleton’s Brother Owns a Company that Prints Your Pictures on Marshmallows

Boomf, the photo marshmallow company based in London and Reading, has a special connection to the royal family

If you were wondering, “Boomf is the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat.”

A London-based company called Boomf wants you to eat the ones you love — by having their photos printed on marshmallows. Previously, Boomf has been hired by Victoria’s Secret to help introduce a new collection and once helped a man propose to his girlfriend using a giant marshmallow, or “Monster Boomf,” but the most interesting tidbit about this company that’s likely not been on your radar is the fact that Boomf has a not-insignificant connection to the British royal family.

In fact, Boomf is the brainchild of Andy Bell and James Middleton, the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

According to Boomf’s biography, Middleton started the company sometime after his two earlier companies, the Cake Kit Company and Nice Cakes, which printed pictures on cakes, failed to turn as handsome a profit as he’d hoped. At age 24, Middleton realized “people like cakes with photos on but don’t want to pay for delivery,” and began experimenting with “creating something foodie with a photo that is lovely and that can fit through a letter box.” Thus was born the photo marshmallow.

And if you were wondering why the company is called Boomf, it’s because “Boomf is the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat.”


Though based in the U.K., the company does ship worldwide, and if you’re looking for reasons to send someone a marshmallow face, Middleton once suggested this to The New York Times: “If your friends have broken up with their boyfriends, get them a box of marshmallows with their ex on it, and they can then go and sort of sit over a campfire and roast them, and they get closure.”