Kanye Eats Reindeer for the First Time, Declares It ‘Tastes Like Christmas’

Kanye West ate reindeer meat on a trip to Iceland with Kim recently and talked about his experience at the Met Gala
Truths from Yeezus the red-nosed rapper.

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Truths from Yeezus the red-nosed rapper.

Kanye West is no stranger to trying new foods. In fact, in a red carpet interview at this year’s Met Gala with his wife, Kim Kardashian, he stated that he just tried reindeer meat while on vacation with Kim.

Vogue Magazine's André Leon Talley had asked them what they ate on their recent trip, and when Kim revealed they had tried horse and reindeer meat, Talley was obviously intrigued.Fortunately, Kanye’s answer did not disappoint, and in true Kanye fashion he uttered four words that left us shaking our heads:

“It tastes like Christmas.”

Either reindeer tastes like nutmeg and eggnog, or Kanye was blessing us with yet another one of his cryptic metaphors. 


Watch the video below: