John Oliver Drinks Bud Light Lime, Orders Full McDonald's Dollar Menu In Honor Of FIFA Pledge

John Oliver — the host of Last Week Tonight on HBO who has repeatedly criticized the corrupt politics of international soccer organization FIFA — has finally had to deliver on his public pledge to "put his mouth where his mouth is" if a number of its major sponsors withdrew their sponsorships and demanded the resignation of its president, Sepp Blatter.

"Adidas, I will wear one of your ugly shoes. One of these shoes that make me look like the Greek god of aspiring DJs," Oliver announced on Last Week Tonight.

"McDonald's, I will take a bite out of every item on your Dollar Menu — which tastes like normal food that was cursed by a vindictive wizard. And I will even make the ultimate sacrifice — Budweiser, if you pull your support and help get rid of Blatter, I will put my mouth where my mouth is, and I will personally drink one of your disgusting items. I'm serious. It could be a Bud Light. I will even drink a Bud Light Lime, despite the fact that all the lime in the world cannot disguise the fact that this tastes like a puddle beneath a Long John Silver's dumpster."

So when Blatter announced last week that he would indeed resign from his position of nearly two decades, Oliver had no choice but to follow through.

"I feel like a Greenpeace volunteer who actually got someone's attention," Oliver said after the big news. "I didn't think this would happen, and now I don't know what to do."

Furthermore, although it was unclear whether any of FIFA's sponsors had any direct impact on Blatter's departure, the host did not balk from the task at hand.

Watch Oliver take on his end of the bargain below: