Jared Fogle Scored Job In Prison Making Sandwiches For Other Inmates

Convicted child sex offender and ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle has a new job in prison after he was ironically serving sandwiches to fellow inmates in the prison cafeteria.

Although inmates and prison guards at Colorado's Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood may have initially thought Fogle's new duties were funny, apparently slinging slop behind the cafeteria line is known as a "cushy job" in the prison world, and fellow prisoners thought he might have been getting celebrity treatment, according to TMZ.

Although there's no rumors of a scuffle this time around (Fogle had allegedly been beaten up in January by angry fellow prisoners), apparently the murmurs of unrest were enough to move Fogle from the inmates' cafeteria to the correctional officers' dining area. There, higher-end food offerings including steak are served. Sadly, this means Fogle's correctional career of doling out sandwiches is likely over.

Fogle is currently serving the first few months of what will be a 15-year sentence for soliciting child porn and prostitution.