Ian McKellen Just Revealed The Potato Recipe He Uses To Astound Friends

Sir Ian McKellen may be a knighted actor who has taken on such iconic roles as Gandalf the Grey and X-Men's Magneto, but he has humble tastes when it comes to cooking.The 76-year-old actor did a Reddit AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) yesterday, and came up with some pretty witty answers about his past Hollywood roles and upcoming movie Mr. Holmes, which is about Sherlock Holmes' later life.

One of the highlights of the informal online interview had to be McKellen's response to the question, "Sir Ian, what is your go-to home-cooked meal?"

McKellen had an answer at the ready: "Slice potatoes thinly. Slice onions thinly. Grade some strong Cheddar cheese. You slice some small tomatoes. And you layer those ingredients. And put them in a medium oven for one hour. And to make sure it's delicious as it always is, pour a little single cream over the potatoes, which should be the top layer."

One Redditor called the dish the Gandalfinois.