Here’s What Anthony Bourdain Learned From Eating Noodles With the President

A photo went viral recently of Anthony Bourdain and President Obama eating noodles in Vietnam: Here’s what Bourdain learned

Apparently the president has some impressive chopstick skills. 

The Internet exploded recently over a photo of Anthony Bourdain casually sharing noodles and throwing back a couple of beers with President Obama, surrounded by seemingly indifferent café customers. You know, just another day in the life. That photo was taken in Brodard in Little Saigon, Vietnam, and the two unlikely friends were chowing down on a dish known as bun cha ha noi, a Hanoi street food consisting of rice noodles, herbs, pork patties, and grilled pork shoulder tossed in a sweet fish sauce, during the most recent taping of Parts Unknown.

You’re probably dying to know (as we are!) what the topic of conversation was during this fascinating encounter. Now you can get a little sneak peek, because Anthony Bourdain has (kindly) given us the top six things he learned about Obama from a casual $6 meal of rice noodles and beer:

-“The President is very comfortable with chopsticks.”

-“The President is an Asiaphile.”

-“He clearly enjoyed sitting on a low plastic stool eating bun Cha.”

-“The reaction among regular people in Hanoi to the fact that the US President chose to eat Bun Cha was beyond all imagining.”

-“He was among the very few guests on my show who ever asked the camera crew if they got to eat too.”


You can see the full list here.