Gordon Ramsay Curses Your Awful Kitchen Skills in This Hilarious Cooking App

We spoke with Gordon Ramsay himself about the new features on his cooking game app and his personal favorite swears

Now you can be called an “idiot sandwich” from the comfort of your own couch.

Have you ever watched any one of a plethora of Gordon Ramsay cooking competition shows and dreamed about being reamed out yourself by the British chef icon? Well you’re in luck: Glu Mobile’s Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay just got a major reboot.

Now, with this digital cooking game, you’ll hear all manner of creative and sarcastic “Gordonisms” while you play (or fail at) the in-app cooking challenges. That’s right: It’s completely free to have Gordon Ramsay curse you out while you duel chefs and show off your culinary skills around the world.

We spoke with Ramsay about the reboot of the app and his favorite “Gordonisms.”

The Daily Meal: Have you played the game yourself? And how do you feel about being cursed out by yourself?

Gordon Ramsay: Of course I’ve played! I’m very involved in the entire development process and part of that is testing the player experience. I actually find it quite funny to be scolded by a digital version of myself, and the kids play it too. I’ll be at home and hear myself coming from their bedroom!

What's harder: digital cooking or real cooking?

In Restaurant Dash, if your timing, accuracy, or equipment is bad… your diners won’t be happy. In real life, the same applies there too! Regardless, customer is king whether it’s in the digital world or the real world.

What's your favorite kitchen insult of all time?


There’s too many to count, but I will say I’m still looking for the lamb sauce.