GIF: Man Reaches the Pinnacle of Life by Eating and Drinking on a Rollercoaster

Has anyone ever been this happy before?

See you at Six Flags, everybody. 

We didn’t even know that it was possible to eat or drink on a rollercoaster, but it turns out we were wrong. 

The GIF below proves that it is indeed possible to drink one’s beverage of choice and enjoy a mouthful of cheese balls — which almost seem to float in the air as if this man were enjoying them in outer space — while riding a rollercoaster.

Actually, he only manages to get one cheese ball in his mouth, but we applaud him for even trying.

The look of joy that crosses his face as he swallows that single cheese ball is so pure and beautiful, we don’t even know how anything else in his life will compare.

It’s also making us long for a trip to Six Flags, where we will do our best to sneak some cheese balls on the ride with us.

On the other hand, perhaps this would be the perfect time to employ the magic of Dippin’ Dots