George Takei Tells Us His All-Time Favorite Pie at the Brooklyn Taste Talks Festival

Joanna Fantozzi/ Wikimedia: NBC Television

George Takei and his Allegiance Broadway co-star Telly Leung holding an American-Japanese apple pie. Sulu would be proud. 

Oh myyy. George Takei has quite a thing for pie. The Daily Meal spoke with the Star Trek star at the third annual Taste Talks All-Star BBQ in Williamsburg, as he showed off a Japanese twist on an American classic: the Fuji apple pie.The pie, created by Robicelli’s bakery was topped with miso caramel and vanilla bean tofu cream, combining flavor profiles from East and West.

Takei, who played Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series, may love apple pie, but it’s not his all-time favorite sweet:

“I love apple pie, I grew up on it, but my favorite is pecan pie,” he said. “First of all, nuts are healthy for you. The sugar part may be questionable, but the pecan and whatever they put in the crust of that pie is a combination I love.”

Takei may actually have a special connection to the unofficial home of pecan-growers.

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“Most pecans are from Arkansas, which is where we were incarcerated during the war. I’ve gone back there to Little Rock, and it’s lovely.”