Food Network Shows Off Another Group Of Pint-Sized Culinary Protégés With 'Kids BBQ Championship'

Adding to its repertoire of youth-centric cooking competitions, The Food Network has picked up Kids BBQ Championship, a six-episode miniseries that will premiere on May 23.

Hosts Camila Alves (Brazilian-American model and actress and wife of Matthew McConaughey) and Eddie Jackson (chef and former NFL cornerback), lead the kids in a series of challenges that put their feet to the heat and test their grilling skills.

The winner, after all is said, done, and charred perfectly, will win $20,000 and a feature in Food Network Magazine. The show will also feature some of the biggest names in BBQ around the country, as well as several fun themes including a Hawaiian luau competition and a cowboy campfire challenge. The premiere episode is judged by renowned pitmaster Tim Love as the kids show off their trademark barbecue chicken flavors and creations.

"The competitors may be under the age of thirteen, but their BBQ skills are over the top," said Didi O'Hearn, senior vice president of programming, Food Network. "Camila and Eddie are the perfect duo to lead the culinary action in this fun, fiery and family-friendly addition to the primetime lineup."