Food Network Adds 24 New Shows This Year, Including ‘Deep Fried America’ and ‘Bobby Flay Fit’

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The Food Network is on a roll this year with new programs bringing you an ode to fried food and Bobby Flay’s fitness tips
Food Network Adds 24 New Shows This Year, Including ‘Deep Fried America’ and ‘Bobby Flay Fit’
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Just when you didn’t think your TV could handle even more Flay and Fieri… Food Network proves you wrong.

When all else fails, saturate the system. Are you tired of seeing the same re-runs of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network? That shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The Food Network has announced its 2015–2016 TV lineup, which features 29 new daytime and primetime shows. The highlights include Deep Fried America, premiering in September, which challenges fried food experts to find the best “battered and deep-fried, barbecued, or ooey, gooey and greasy” foods in America. On the other end of the heart health spectrum is Bobby Flay Fit, which tasks Bobby Flay with getting America healthy by “sharing tips and tricks on achieving a happy, fit lifestyle.”

“Entertaining and engaging are at the forefront of our 2015 development plans for both Food Network and Cooking Channel,” said Brooke Johnson, president of Food Network & Cooking Channel. “Food Network will continue to build off the success of fan-favorites with more eventized and exciting stunts, including some sweet additions to the menu with new baking and holiday-themed programming.”

Other highlights include American Diner Revival, which tasks Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag with refurbishing and reviving classic American diners across the country; Craziest Restaurants in America, taking you to a zombie-themed bistro and underwater café; Cake Wars (like Cupcake Wars, but with larger portions); Camp Cutthroat, hosted by Alton Brown, which is basically an extreme Cutthroat Kitchen for ambitious alumni; Guy's Grocery Games All-Stars; Iron Chef America: Teens; and Chopped: Impossible, which sounds like Chopped on steroids.

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