Finally, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Appears on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

‘I’ll go if I don’t have to talk’
Finally, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Appears on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

‘Feels good, looks good, is good,’ Seinfeld says at one point. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the talented actress who portrayed the hard-pushing, bad-dancing best friend and former girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld on the beloved ‘90s sitcom, finally gets her own episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, after five seasons.

On the season six premiere of the show, Jerry pulls up to Julia’s house and grabs her in a hug. “Remember this?” he asks her.

Once on the road, the pair gets recognized immediately. “I’m so sorry,” Jerry tells one thrilled onlooker. “We’re doing the Seinfeld reunion and you’re not in it.”

Not even five minutes into the reunion, Julia brings up a memory that makes Jerry cover his face in embarrassment.

“Remember when I was five months pregnant and you came up to me and you said ‘Hey, we had a great idea. How about if we write it in this season that Elaine just gets fat?’ And so… what did I do? Burst into tears. Automatic. It was like a death sentence.

“There are two things I have to say about that,” she tells Seinfeld. “One is, you have you no interpersonal communication skills. The second thing is, it was a great idea and we should have done it.”

When they finally make it to the coffee shop (a Caffe Luxxe location somewhere in Los Angeles), they waste no time falling into a seamless rhythm. 

Jerry begins, “Remember when we were doing —”

“The parking garage?” Julia inserts, raising her eyebrows.

“How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Because I knew you were gonna say it.”

Watch the full episode on the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee website. 

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