olive garden

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Even Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Go to Olive Garden for Date Night

The celebrity couple may have had a lovely date night, but other Olive Garden patrons… not so much
olive garden

Shutterstock / Ken Wolter

The Italian-American restaurant chain has locations all over the country.

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Celebrity couples have been spotted at hot spots in major cities all over the country, from Scarpetta in Beverly Hills to Blue Hill in New York City. However, last week, high profile duo Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were allegedly spotted at one restaurant chain known for its unlimited breadsticks: Olive Garden.

According to Refinery29, an Olive Garden employee tweeted about Gomez and The Weeknd’s private reservation at the restaurant, with another employee confirming seeing the couple.

Although the couple seemed to have left the establishment peacefully based on a recorded video on one of Gomez’s Twitter fan accounts, patrons at an Olive Garden in New York have reportedly not been as lucky.

Last week, Twitter user Joe Wadlington took to the platform to share a story about his date with a former general manager of the Olive Garden in Times Square, Mashable reported.

When Wadlington pressed on about his time at the restaurant chain, his date told him of a time when the location ran out of its “unlimited” breadsticks. Patrons were angry and in denial, and even in comparison to an alleged knife fight that occurred between two customers, the two occasions on which the restaurant ran out of breadsticks were, in the words of Wadlington’s date, the “worst shifts of my life.”


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