Drinking for Gamers: This Video Game Bar That Just Opened in California Looks Amazing

Get your drink (and food) on at AFK Gamer Lounge, where you can play League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and more

The AFK Bar: Level up? Take a shot. Die in the game? Buy your friends the next round. 

Attention, people who normally spend their weekends virtually raiding, smashing, racing, and plundering: you need not stay in anymore. The AFK Lounge, which just opened in San Jose, California, is a video game-themed “Esports” bar, where you can eat and drink gamer-themed menu items and challenge your friends and other bar patrons to games like League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and more.

Just like sports bars have multiple mounted flat screen TVs showcasing various sports around the room, AFK Lounge’s TVs will showcase the various gamer tournaments currently happening at the bar via LAN (local area network). The folks behind the AFK Lounge originally gained traction by getting the attention of Reddit, and the project was later fully funded by a private investor.

“Most gamers understand that the image of the anti-social teenage boy playing video games alone in his room is dead wrong,” read the initial description of AFK from their failed Kickstarter campaign. “In reality gamers today are all ages, genders, and extremely social. The real problem is that our favorite activity keeps us tethered to our desks and TVs at home, primarily interacting with our fellow video game enthusiasts via the Internet; we want to change this.”


The bar allows underage gamers, as long as they don’t drink. But for those who can, power up with these cleverly named cocktails (with more to come): Press Start, the Pac-Tan, Falcon Punch!, and the Lon Lon Frappe. We think there should be a secret menu item called the Konami code.