Drake Cancels Show After Getting Food Poisoning

Angry fans reportedly threw drinks on stage when the announcement was made

A representative said the rapper was so ill that he was unable to go on stage.

Drake may be referred to as “the 6 God,” but he’s just as susceptible to food poisoning as the rest of us mortals. This week, the rapper had to cancel his show in Amsterdam after getting sick from “bad sushi,” TMZ reported.

Sources told the outlet that the food poisoning was so bad that Drake had to seek immediate medical treatment. His promoter had to come out on stage and tell an arena full of fans that the show would be postponed.

According to a Facebook post from the promoter MOJO, “Drake really wanted to perform tonight, but unfortunately he became ill and his doctor has told him he can’t perform tonight.”

The show was moved to Wednesday, March 29.


However, this wasn’t the first time the performer had to cancel a show in Amsterdam — earlier this year, Drake postponed his Boy Meets World tour, which led to two shows in the city being cancelled.