Dr. Oz Tells Critics He 'Will Not Be Silenced'

Celebrity physician Dr. Oz recently faced a challenge to his credentials when a group of doctors joined forces to call for his removal from the faculty of Columbia University, citing his "disdain for science" and history of endorsing products that lack medical merit.

Dr. Oz, who is the vice chair of the Department of Surgery at Columbia University, has promised to fight back.

In a statement to both his fans and critics, the doctor reportedly vowed that "we will not be silenced," and announced plans to air an episode of The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday, April 23, that is dedicated to his rebuttal.

Among his endorsements, Dr. Oz voiced support for a green coffee extract meant for weight loss, research for which was bogus, the study's authors later admitted. 

Dr. Oz has also used his platform to create a fearmongering campaign against apple juice, suggesting, against FDA research data, that many brands contained dangerous amounts of arsenic

During a congressional hearing last summer which investigated these and other claims made by the physician, Dr. Oz admitted that many items "don't have the scientific muster to present as fact."