Did Joe Bastianich Really Invent the Everything Bagel?

TV personality and restaurateur Joe Bastianich claims he invented the iconic everything bagel; but did he really?
Love that sesame seed/poppy seed/ toasted onion combo on your bagel? Thank the guy who brought us Eataly.

Shutterstock/Wikimedia Commons

Love that sesame seed/poppy seed/ toasted onion combo on your bagel?  Thank the guy who brought us Eataly.

The everything bagel is as iconic to New York carb culture as dollar-slice pizza and egg and cheese sandwiches. But that toasty, comforting combination of poppy, caraway, and sesame seeds, plus salt, garlic, and onion wasn’t just a New York invention.According to urban lore (and the man itself), the everything bagel was invented by a popular New Yorker: Joe Bastianich, the man who brought you Eataly and the best of MasterChef’s disapproving stares.

Bastianich casually mentioned this story at the opening of Eataly’s new location inside 4 World Trade Center in New York City.

“It was 1979 in Queens New York, Bay Terrace in Bayside where the everything bagel was invented,” Bastianich said.


But even though Bastianich has fame and reputation backing up his seedy bagel claim, there are a few others who assert their rightful title as Everything Bagel Inventor. David Gussin, a bagel store worker, has been credited with coming up with the concept in 1980 after collecting the Howard Beach bagel shop’s burnt sesame and poppy seeds at the end of the day, according to a New Yorker article published in 2008. But entrepreneur Seth Godin claims he’s been making the iconic garlicky creation since 1977.