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This Company Is Printing Selfies With Edible Ink

Selffee has dubbed itself “The Edible Photo Booth”

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Foodies can now eat their selfies with the Selffee mobile photo booth that prints images on food and drinks with an app.

Selffee created technology that uses flavorless, FDA-certified edible ink to print images on anything from a cup of cold brew to cupcakes, according to the company Indiegogo page.

Unlike traditional cake transfers that use an edible icing sheet with the image printed on it, Selffee prints directly onto the food or drink.

The New York City-based company was founded by Farsh Kanji and David Weiss, who combined fun, food, and technology in the form of an edible selfie for any special occasion from weddings to birthday parties.

The edible selfie business has been appearing in pop-ups and special events the past six months, but Selffee is looking to hold a permanent location in New York City that will serve as a storefront and office.

The company is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo with $9,405 to date. Through the funding page, backers can receive two-dozen Selffee cookies for $90.


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