Celebrate Your Love of the Cronut with Some Cronut-Heavy Accessories

Would you be interested in a Cronut shower curtain, by any chance?
Celebrate Your Love of the Cronut with Some Cronut-Heavy Accessories
Fab.com/Dominique Ansel Bakery

Color your world with the chaos of Cronuts. 

It’s officially been two years since the Cronut swept the pastry world, spurred the creation of countless copycats, and made pastry chef Dominique Ansel a household name. In that time, Ansel also opened a bakery in Tokyo, along with second, Cronut-less bakery in New York City.

To celebrate the Cronut’s second anniversary and everything else that’s happened since then, Dominique Ansel Bakery has teamed up with Fab.com, the upscale online retailer, for a special product line that’s all about the Cronut.

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Officially launched on Sunday, May 10, the celebratory line features shower curtains, cell phone cases, tote bags, and mousepads, all covered in Cronuts. You can choose the classic option of rows and rows of Cronuts, in case anyone would question your allegiance, or go for the artist’s rendition of the courtship between the croissant and the doughnut that led to the famous pastry.