Big Sean Walked Into a Chipotle and Bought Burritos for Everyone

Rapper Big Sean walked into Chipotle before his Madison Square Garden concert and bought everyone dinner

Big Sean is apparently a big softie (both for his fans, and Chipotle’s bowls).

It’s no secret that rapper Big Sean is a huge fan of Chipotle. After all, he admitted in an interview with GQ that he’s obsessed with the stuff and orders Chipotle for lunch every day (usually a salad bowl with barbacoa and extra rice).We couldn’t agree more with the “Blessings” rapper, but he went above and beyond the run-of-the-mill commitment to Chipotle this week when he treated fans to his favorite fast-casual meal.

According to reports on Instagram and Twitter, Big Sean walked into the Chipotle near Madison Square Garden right before a concert and bought every guest in the place the burrito bowl or burrito of their choosing.

Fans kind of went crazy after this, snapping photos with Big Sean in addition to chowing down on their burritos. 


The only thing we don’t get is that, according to GQ, Big Sean never orders guacamole at Chipotle because he doesn’t like avocados. No guac? That’s whack!