This Baby Had a Taco Bell Birthday Photoshoot and It’s Adorable

The hilarious and enchanting Delta Rose celebrated her first birthday with an unusual fast food-themed photo shoot

You’ve heard of smashcakes? Well this baby smashes Quesalupas instead!

Professional photoshoots for your baby are pretty much a requirement now in the age of social media, but this couple trumps your twee Harry Potter- or Disney-themed photo extravaganza with a hilarious Taco Bell-themed first birthday photoshoot. Forget smash cakes: Delta Rose knows what she wants, as she completely obliterates a taco 12-pack in her matching color-coordinated tutu.

Delta Rose is pictured surrounded by irresistible Taco Bell packages, soft tacos (of course — for soft baby gums), and a background banner that says “Taco Bout a Party!” surrounded by garland made from real taco shells.

Monica and Tim Phillips — Delta Rose’s parents — are getting a ton of attention for their creative spin on the traditional first birthday photo album. But Delta’s love of Taco Bell may actually be in her DNA. Monica told BuzzFeed that she went into labor with the couple’s first child — Delta’s older sister Mariah — at a Taco Bell drive-thru. Plus, Tim and Monica’s first date was at a Taco Bell! Taco bout a cheesy couple!

This isn’t the first couple to rely on their favorite brand for a family photoshoot. Last year, a Texas couple had a Whataburger-themed photoshoot for their newborn. Whatababy!


We reached out to Taco Bell for comment on this superfan family and their fantastic fast-food photos.