Artwork Featuring 98 Identically Sized Cubes Of Raw Food Is Oddly Beautiful

What is it about this image of neatly arranged rows of identically sized cubes of raw food that is so satisfying? Perhaps it appeals to our love of symmetry, or maybe it's eye-catching simply because cubes are rarely seen on our dinner plates. Whatever it is, the food photography piece "Cube," by Dutch artists Lernert and Sander, has gone viral.

Although it looks like a painting, Lenert and Sander really did cut pieces of raw beef, tuna, oranges, radishes, grapefruit, mushrooms and more into perfect 2.5-by-2.5-by-2.5-centimeter cubes using a custom-built machine.  The piece was commissioned for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant for a food documentary.

"We experimented a lot with where to slice the fruit and vegetable to keep it recognizable," they told CNN. "Cutting up the meat and fish was more of a challenge. But freezing it before cutting helped a lot."

The artists have found that people were more likely to be able to identify the fruits and vegetables in the photo than the meats. If you're really stumped, we recommend checking out this handy cheat sheet, compiled by Dutch fruit and vegetable enthusiasts at Reddit.