Anthony Bourdain Scoffs at McDonald’s ‘Artisan’ Burgers; Are They Made of Ground-Up Artisans?

Anthony Bourdain thinks the word 'artisan' is being oveused, and brings up McDonald’s burgers as an example
McDonald’s ‘artisan’ burgers aren’t even on Anthony Bourdain’s radar.

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McDonald’s ‘artisan’ burgers aren’t even on Anthony Bourdain’s radar.

Among the ways to anger Anthony Bourdain, dynamic TV personality and exotic food seeker: put grapefruit juice in a glass of high-end Scotch; or label a bag of mass-produced potato chips "artisan."Although Bourdain spends much of his time these days seeking out unique, talented craftsmen and-women for the Balvenie Whisky Raw Craft YouTube series (he also hosts Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on the Travel Channel), he believes that the word artisan is overused to the point of ridiculousness.

“These artisans make beautiful things in a world where the word artisan is cheapened,” Bourdain told The Daily Meal. “Like big brand potato chips being called artisanal, I mean come on, let’s get real.”

Earlier this year, Ireland prevented McDonald’s from using the term to describe a new burger offered at their Irish restaurants because "artisan" can only be used to describe products “made in limited quantities by skilled craftspeople.” Bourdain, unsurprisingly, thought the notion of a McDonald’s artisan burger was hilarious.


“Yeah, well, maybe the McDonald’s burger is made up of ground up artisans, but that would be the only way McDonald’s would be able to convince me that they make artisan burgers,” Bourdain said.