This Adorable Squirrel Is Served Tiny Ice Cream Cones Daily At This Shop

We've heard of scoop shops sneaking some soft serve licks to dogs, and Starbucks even has the "Puppicino" — but have you met Putter the ice cream cone-loving squirrel? At the Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf shop in North Carolina, Putter — or Putt-Putt — is a regular and comes by almost every day for her squirrel-sized treat.

The Martins, who own the ice cream shop, say that they discovered this squirrel with a sweet tooth by accident.

"A lady came back in and said, 'There's a little squirrel out there that I offered a little bite of my cone to, and she took off with the whole thing,'" Scott Martin told ABC News. "First thing, I offered to get her a new cone. But then Putter kept coming back for more."

Now Putter has become the unofficial shop mascot, and customers always ask for her.

"She's quite a little character," Martin said. "She actually plays golf with the kids. She'll run around the course and play with the golf balls.

Putter lives in the tree across from the shop, and her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.