Your Pet Bunny Could Star as the Next Trix Rabbit


Silly rabbit, anthropomorphized cartoon cereal mascots are so passé.

To emphasize their commitment to banning artificial colors and ingredients, General Mills is (temporarily) ditching the Trix “silly rabbit” cartoon mascot in favor of a real-life bunny.The nationwide three-week open casting call to find the next face of the colorful cereal begins this week on social media. Fans are welcome to upload photos of their pet bunny (or pet pup or cat in an adorable bunny costume) and upload their entries to the contest website here.

“The search for the honorary Real Trix Rabbit is a family-friendly opportunity to share our excitement with cereal fans as we introduce the new Trix recipe this January,” said Lauren Pradhan, senior marketing manager for General Mills’ cereal division. “We are excited for families to experience the new Trix recipe as well as the recipes for other cereals and see for themselves that every spoonful will still deliver the great taste, quality and fun that General Mills cereals have always brought to their cereal bowl.”


Starting in January, every bowl of Trix will only contain the good stuff like natural fruit and vegetable flavors and extracts. Don’t worry though — real life rabbits may be adorable, but the iconic Trix bunny isn’t going anywhere. General Mills promises this is just a timely promotion.