Ryan Lochte

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You Won’t Believe What 11-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte Eats for Dinner Every Friday

Plus, Lochte’s favorite sweet indulgence
Ryan Lochte

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Lochte says he has indulged in a weekly cheat day every Friday for the past 22 years.

Looks like even world-class athletes have a cheat day or two. At an event on Tuesday at west Charlotte’s Thomasboro Academy with his personal chef Glenn Lyman, competitive swimmer and 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte divulged details on his occasional indulgences when it comes to food, reports The Charlotte Observer.

“I have a weakness: Yellow Starbursts, and I haven’t had one in about two months,” Lochte confesses. Lyman adds, “I hide them from him around the house.” Lochte explains, “When I was a kid, all the other kids loved the cherry and the strawberry Starbursts, and the yellow ones were always left. So I said to myself one day ‘I got to try these.’ And I loved them.”

Yellow Starburst isn’t Lochte’s only weakness. He has a weekly cheat day in which he treats himself to pizza, chicken wings, and a Mountain Dew every Friday. He says, “I’ve been in training for 22 years and it’s my cheat day. I’ve been doing it since I was 9 years old. I’ve only missed it six times.”

“Imagine,” says Lyman, “how many more gold medals you might have won had you not eaten pizza and wings every Friday for your entire life.”

In response, Lochte says, “No. I refuse to give it up.”


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