You'll Never Believe How Long People In Myanmar Waited To Eat At KFC

KFC opened in Myanmar on June 30, making it the first United State restaurant chain to open in the country, according to the Bangkok Post.

The Yangon outpost (the country's major city), attracted customers who waited for hours. One businessman named Kyaw Moe said he waited three hours to buy chicken for eight members of his family. "I want them to taste this. It is my first time. My aunt in Singapore says it is also famous there," Moe said.

This KFC location can seat 240 people and will offer "hearty generous portions" and "accessible prices." Micky Pant, CEO of KFC, is hopeful that KFC will help to grow the country's economy. "It has been our dream for a long time to have a KFC in Rangoon, one of the great cities of the world," Pant said.

Though this is the first U.S. chain to open in Myanmar, it is not the first international chain. South Korea-based Lotteria Burger opened in 2013 and at last count, has seven locations throughout the country.

KFC has over 19,000 restaurants in 120 countries — 80 percent of these restaurants are in countries with emerging markets.