You Can Now Get Ultra-Trendy Bone Broth In Powdered Form

Bone broth: every single health and nutrition enthusiast you know won't stop talking about this supposed superfood. Simply broth made from meat bones, it contains gelatin, amino acids, and a ton of other nutrients that promote healthy joint function and bones. Bone broth can be made from beef, chicken, or veal, and even though it's not too hard to make, it now became even easier with the invention of instant bone both. Osteobroth is the first company to come out with a powdered bone broth, eliminating the time and toil it takes to make a homemade batch with your own soup bones.

"The purpose of creating a bone broth is to extract the natural bioactive proteins and minerals found in the bones and connective tissues," says David Crooch, Osteobroth founder and president of Crave Protein. "Our broth is optimally made by not only using the traditional cooking and simmering method, but also incorporating a proprietary pressure cooking step that is more effective at capturing the natural goodness, resulting in a richer solids content while using no additives."

Plus, the amino acids don't break down during dehydration, so no nutrients are lost in the process. Right now, you can only buy Osteobroth online, or make your own bone broth with our recipe here.