You Can Buy a Ranch Dressing Fountain for $100

Forget chocolate fountains….this Ranch dressing fountain being sold by Hidden Valley will turn your party up to 11

Approach this fountain armed with wings in both hands.

From chocolate fountains that have been the staple at weddings and fancy shindigs for a while now, to Velveeta fountains filled with bubbly molten cheese, there’s nothing more fun than dipping your hors d'oeuvre into an edible cascade of liquid. The latest and strangest trend on the fountain front is the Ranch dressing fountain sold by Hidden Valley.

For just $100, you can add some ever-flowing dipping to your party. The fountain fits Twelve 36-ounce bottles of Hidden Valley dressing inside, so that’s plenty of opportunity to experiment with chips, veggies, wings, and even pizza.

The Ranch dressing fountain is part of a line of goodies sold by Flavour Gallery Collection, where you can buy a bedazzled Hidden Valley bottle for $50, as well as iPhone cases, hats, t-shirts, and cozies that celebrate your love for all things Ranch. Flavour Gallery sells other cheeky, food-inspired swag like t-shirts that say “Legalize Marinara.”


This is not the first time a major brand has taken to selling bizarre merchandise to its overzealous fans. Remember the Cheetos diamond ring and Pizza Hut yoga pants?