Xi’an Famous Foods Aims for Boston, Philadelphia, and West Coast During Five-Year Expansion Plans

In the next five years, popular New York City empire Xi’an Famous Foods will expand to several other cities

Boston, Philadelphia, and West Coast outposts are in the works. 

Jason Wang, the 26-year-old restaurateur who turned his father’s mall food court noodle shop in Flushing, Queens into its own small empire, is aiming to expand to other U.S. cities including Boston, Philadelphia, and cities on the West Coast, according to a recent interview in The Wall Street Journal with Wang and Anthony Bourdain. 

It was Bourdain, “a tall, old white dude here with a film crew,” in the words of Jason’s father, who helped raise the profile of Xi’an Famous Foods, then a standalone shop. Years later, Xi’an Famous Foods is up to its 10th location (the largest to date), adjacent to the Empire State Building.

So far, Xi’an only has locations in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, but there have also been rumors of a Washington, D.C. outpost in the past.


When it opens later this year, Xi’an Famous Foods will have its own stall in Bourdain Market, the upcoming international street food market in New York City from Anthony Bourdain and entrepreneur Stephen Werther.