Would You Try The Spiciest Ice Cream In The World?

One boardwalk restaurant in Rehoboth, Delaware, has you sign a waiver before diving into one of its ice cream sundaes. Why? The ice cream for the Scorpion Sting sundae is made with ghost pepper (also known as the world's hottest pepper), and it's so hot that it earned a spot in the newest Ripley's publication, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird!, just released this month.

The ice cream concoction served at The Ice Cream Store is topped with three types of hot sauces: Mad Dog 357, Heartbreaking Dawns 1841, and Da' Bomb Ghost Pepper sauce, as well as a ghost pepper mash. Oh yeah, and each cone is topped with a real scorpion. Consume at your own risk.

"We designed it to put in an ice cream so we would make something that was blazing hot, but because of the sugar content and the milk it sort of mitigates it a little bit," owner Chip Hearn told ABC News. "So some people go [screams] and they can't handle it. Other people go, 'that wasn't so bad.'"

If you can't handle the heat, The Ice Cream Store has a plethora of quirky flavors to choose from including booger: vanilla ice cream swirled with green-dyed caramel and marshmallow; and beer: cappuccino ice cream and beer from Dogfish Head Brewery.