Would You Eat at This Aviation-Themed Restaurant for French Fries?

Come fry with me, let’s fry, let’s fry away

Come Fry With Me is an all-French fry food truck and will open a restaurant this fall in Covent Garden.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat at a restaurant that only serves French fries, the pickings are pretty slim. New York City had the beloved Pommes Frites (which has launched an Indiegogo campaign to reopen shop after the devastating East Village explosion earlier this year), and now London will have its first-ever all-French fry shop (although they’re known as “chips” across the pond) called Come Fry With Me.

The name is inspired by the Frank Sinatra song “Come Fly With Me” and will open in a brick-and-mortar venue in Covent Garden this fall. The restaurant will have an aviation theme — complete with employees dressed in cabin crew uniforms.


For now, Come Fry With Me exists as a food truck with a miniature plane on its roof. The London Evening Standard reports that flavor varieties will include bacon and cheese, steak and stilton (an English cheese), pesto chicken and Marmite, truffle, and Mexican fajita vegetables. Customers will also have an option to choose their own fry as skin-on, skinny, or gastro-chips.